Pattern and Marker Pricing


Pattern Making

 Starting at $125.00

To develop a first pattern which has up to 6 pieces from a sample or sketch -$15.00 each for additional pieces


Digitize and True


To digitize and set up the base size of a production pattern for a style containing up to six (6) pieces, $2.00 more for each additional piece. Identical flip pieces such as left and right sleeve are considered as one piece.


Measurement Specification

$10.00 per size

To create a measurement specification sheet for each size based on customer or industry sizing.



$20.00 per size

The price to grade a pattern containing up to 6 pattern pieces. $2.00 more for each additional piece.


Marker Making

$15.00 per size

Price is for each size up to six (6) pieces per garment, $2.00 more for each additional piece. A 1S, 2M 1L marker would be 4 sizes.



$3.00 per yard to plot --$20.00 minimum for singles without seams

$6.00 per yard to plot with seams

$5.00 per yard to plot nests

Reduced prints (8 ½ " X 11" or 8 ½" X 14") of markers  $3.00 each.

Single size patterns plotted:  $3.00 per yard/ $20.00 Minimum

Graded nests plotted:  $20.00 per style


Data Transfer

$20.00 per transfer

To save files to a floppy or E-Mail to a remote CAD system.


Costing Marker

$25.00 per style

Marker done at specified width and size scale for yardage utilization.

Price includes Excel generated report showing efficiency and a copy of marker in miniature.


All prices are in US dollars. 


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